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The New Pile (TM) - Jason - 07-31-2016

As you may know, Kewlio is able to do a little work on the site now with what I've been able to send him. He'll make changes and send things back to me. So if there's anything you'd like to see changed/worked on/worked into let me know and I'll pass it on to him.

Till then, things Kewlio is working on include...
  • Trimming out non used pages/code
  • Setting up newsletter
  • Function to get specific users videos
  • Text Under Thumbnails
  • Game Liibrary
  • Thumb And Banner upload from Admin Section
  • List Mode on games in dex
  • News Thread On Front Page
  • Basic Search Function
  • Thumbnail/banner Upload
  • Comment Section
  • Front Page Redesign
  • Mobile Site Version

The things he has completed are as follows...
  • Removed unused/superfluous pages
  • Site News/Video Digest on front page
  • Custom Error Pages
  • Login Indicator on left sidebar
  • Replaced some images with text for better optimization
  • Update to member pages

Some of these completed things are not available at this exact moment as I've yet to reintroduce the script/pages to the site. More news on that as it's available.