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Poll 82 - Scarlet - 03-09-2017

Can you dig it sucka?

Luther was not a warrior but a rogue that's why he is not included but we all know he's the star of the show.
"Warriors, come out to plaaaayeeeeaaaa" *whilst clinking bottles*

RE: Poll 82 - Ragnatz - 03-09-2017

No idea who these people are...

RE: Poll 82 - MephistoZX - 03-10-2017

[Image: 200.gif]

It's an 80s movie about gangs. It needs a sequel or a remake.

RE: Poll 82 - Jason - 03-10-2017

I prefer this Swan:

[Image: Lord+of+Illusions+7.jpg]

and this Ajax:

[Image: ajax.jpg]

Also, The Warriors is not a very good movie based on an equally not very good book.