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Philharmonic Special #5


Philharmonic Special #5

Original air date: August 23rd, 2019
The weather forecast from the original broadcast was removed.

I was asked to fill in at CKDU, so let's just chill and listen to some music! Artists include Rock Candy, PLASMA CUTTER, Game Genie Sokolov, and Byzanite!, among others.

Segment music is as follows:

  • KewlioMZX - Heat Wave
  • Kommisar - Cherry Cola

Since this episode is all music, the playlist is as follows:

  • Rock Candy - [Rock Candy #04] Interstellar Retribution
  • vedder^iNSANE - Stiff Upper Chip
  • Starscream - [The Space Years] Years (Five - Eight)
  • ulaan - Hyper Driver
  • M.E.C.K. - ダダダダ天使 #Dadadada Angel# (J-POP) chiptune ver.
  • Trayson - Dying Ambition
  • PLASMA CUTTER - [Genesis Dream] Infinite City
  • laamaa - kotimokkula
  • Spartan - VIRTUAL;sky
  • Game Genie Sokolov - [Insert Disk 02 #05] Wonder Force
  • Mr. Television Man - Gloomy Glacier
  • Byzanite! - [Take My Hand] Homebase

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