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Jade's Rambles: The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!

- The 'Bros' are too busy gambling to save Peach, so I guess it's up to Toad to go all the way...
- Or not... And then the Bros get found out too...
- OK so now Mark Twain is part of the SWB universe...
- Black-Pit Bob-Ombs?? Okay, those things DO have some firepower...
- And then the obligatory voo-doo lady in these kinda things also...
- As for the live-action segment, it goes for a Frankenstein parody... And it goes for the Young Frankenstein deal where Mario's brain is switched with the creature...


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RE: Jade's Rambles: The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! - by JadePharaoh - 04-27-2019, 09:43 PM

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