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Mega Man X Command Mission Jason plays Mega Man X Command Mission
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General Site News - March 15, 2018

So there's been an awful lot of goings on around the site and I've done a pretty bad job of keeping everyone up to day... so here is an attempt to let ya'll know what's changed since last we spoke.

Readme files were never my strong point.

- Let's Play Section -
Adding links to game pages that direct to their soundtrack downloads in the forums. [...]
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PixelCat 1.4 ~ Biggelsworth

It's upgrade time fools!

What's New
Pages are now on HTML5! Sweet cuppin' cakes!
Comments use mybb code
Comments on videos can be moderated by Admin/Global Moderator
Users can mark posts as spam
Flood control system on comments
Online status no longer forum only
Alerts on video comments. [...]
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PixelCat 1.3 ~ Azrael


The custom, made from scratch CMS that we use here at the site Developed between Kewlo, Ragnatz, and Myself (but mostly Kewlio, let's be honest) has become PixelCat. We're currently running the unofficial 1.2 version and Kewlio is getting ready to send me version 1.3 ~ Azrael .

This [...]
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