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Underappreciated Soundtracks
Video game music is great. We all like it... even if we don't know we do... Spooky huh?


I've been in the mood for some #1 Video Game Jams at work this week and since I always get what I want I've been listening to some tunes and that got me to thinking.

We all know that there are games like Mega Man, Zelda, Mario, Final Fantasy... big stuff like that... that all has really amazing and popular soundtracks, right? Right. Good. Glad you agree.

But I was browsing through the soundtracks here at the forums for stuff to listen to and really none of those were hitting my nerve in the way I wanted. I, instead, found myself getting more obscure stuff that I happen to think is really good.

So here... below... share with us some of the soundtracks that you happen to think are underrated, underappreciated, or just unknown that you think are amazing. It can be something hosted here at the site or anywhere. Don't make no difference.
My first pick is Arkista's Ring for the NES.

It's a short little game with a short little soundtrack, but it really fits the game well and I really enjoy it.
My second pick is also from the NES and that's Dragon Spirit: The New Legend.

This is a game I had when I was a kid and still love playing to this day. The graphics aren't super great, but the game play is really solid and made even better by the very very good soundtracks.

Each level had it's own theme, bosses, the opening and end credits... very very excellent work. I can't not sing along with it when I play.

[Image: ragnatzsignature.jpg]
[Image: ragnatzsignature.jpg]
Since I have a whole post about year 2000+ soundtracks, I'll throw a pre 2000 one out.

No Man's Sky is awesome...and disappointing...
Ooh good one.

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