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Jason Said So

I misspoke in the video, it's actually Podcast 147: Monologue
[Image: 10848583_10152953855407998_6704716869698...e=59801D2D]
I should elaborate on that password bit.

It's pretty much the Justin Bailey of Kid Icarus. Gives you a bunch of power ups, like near unlimited life and feathers.

The room at 14:30, kill the Eggplant Wizards, go up and to the right and boss.

Arrows don't always register if enemies are still in their damage frames. Just like you evaded the eggplant by taking damage.

Me @ 20:30 - "Please go left, please go left, please go left..... YES!"

23:45 - Great job with those platforms. Those kill a lot of people.

Yes there is a sequel. There's a second game for the Game Boy that isn't as good.

I've been trying to MetroidQuest into making a modernized version of the game, but as of yet no dice.

27:20: Mice? Radishes? Those are Groucho Marx faces.

This was one of my first NES games and it was balls hard back when I was like 6-7. I died very often.

Another good password is, if I remember right, a single 8 followed by all lower case q's.

Did you have fun at least?
Immediately after recording this I watched your LP. Game was fun, it is a bit hard but isn't as terrible as our friend Mr. Wolf made it out to be.
Did you just compliment me on platforming? What is the world coming to?
[Image: 10848583_10152953855407998_6704716869698...e=59801D2D]
I did. Those jumps can be tricky and you did it first try.
To be fair though, I feel like Pit has really good jumping control, I would even go so far as to say better than a certain fat hairy Italian plumber.
[Image: 10848583_10152953855407998_6704716869698...e=59801D2D]
His physicals make jumping a bit easier.

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