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Poll: What's gonna be after Legacy Of The Wizard?
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Final Fantasy VII
0 0%
Vagrant Story
2 66.67%
Star Ocean: The Second Story
0 0%
Lunary: Silver Star Story
0 0%
Final Fantasy Tactics
0 0%
Ogre Battle: March Of The Black Queen
1 33.33%
Total 3 vote(s) 100%
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The Next Game
So I'm still working on the request backlog, I think I'm roughly half way, if not a little more, done with Mega Man X Command Mission. In the mean time, I've got Legacy Of The Wizard uploading, as you might have noticed.

I'm working on some footage for a project with Ragnatz but while I'm working on that I need to know...

Do you guys want a replay or some Final Fantasy VII after Legacy Of The Wizard? Please to be answering the question.

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