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Birthday Requests
Alright then. Scarlet, you said you played Megaman X2 as your first Megaman game, right? Lemme see you do that game then. IMO a really great game and hopefully one you should be able to beat without much frustration.

My turn! My turn! My turn!

This is an open request... anyone, or any 2 or 3 really, can take this one.

It's essentially a monthly style but I don't care. It was really hard to think of something specific for someone...

So, anyone that wants to take it... or multiple takes... play for me your favorite game that you can complete in around 60 minutes. Any console, any genere, whatever. Just have fun.
Since I think I have a few requests owed at this point, and it's my birthday, here's my request.

Since there are four of you, I'd like each of you to claim a different letter of my first name (you all know it) and play a game that begins with that letter.
[Image: ragnatzsignature.jpg]
There's more than 4 letters in Ragnatz... even if we count duplicates.
Young Merlin for the SNES it shall be.
My turn again. I have requested A Boy And Blob from Kewlio this go around.
My turn :)
Jason: Jersey Devil or Medievil whichever is easiest for you.
[Image: 10848583_10152953855407998_6704716869698...e=59801D2D]
Birthday for 2018! I request of Kewlio to play Spanky's Quest for the SNES!
Requesting Jason do Typing of the Dead


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