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Hello? Devil May Cry?
Yo. Jade suggested I join here. I am a Let's Player. I do not speak or do commentary in mine, due to I dislike speaking. Jade and I been friends for a long time, however. I am busy a lot and been recovering from a real life trauma issue due to a car accident. So, hello everyone.
Hey Dante! Glad you could make it!
Thanks for the warm greatin', dude!
Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Dante.

Any friend of Jade's is a friend that probably doesn't speak.
Heh. There is a long story why I don't like speakin' much. Thanks for the welcome.
People tell me all the time that I shouldn't speak... ever... but do I let that stop me?

Yeah... sometimes.
*sets up another cardboard box trap with pizza slice as bait*
dOn'T mInD mE! i'M jUsT cOnTaGiOuS!

Play Orbs CCG and earn me and you a free bunch o' cards: http://orbsccg.com/r/4r6x B)

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