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JorDag's First LP

This is the first video from a guy I work with. He's kinda interested in LPing and would like some feedback.

It's his very first video so be kind... but be straightforward with him aight?
So right off the bat (ha ha...) I would suggest a little more balancing with the audio. The game audio sounds great but it's a bit overpowering for the commentary.

Commentary audio sounds ok, probably a headset? Maybe your noise gate on OBS could be adjusted a bit to make it sound less processed... that's just personal opinion from an audiophile though and should not be taken as gospel.

Video looks great especially in 1080.

I guess the thing I'd suggest most is getting that audio balance a little better so we can actually hear your commentary a bit. It does get drowned out in the video several times.
Yeah; the audio's my only issue. I can barely hear him at all over the game.

I agree. I was hoping for a bit more insight into his thoughts on the game, but it could be that he said it and I couldn't hear.

Side note: Man, what a long intro cut scene.
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