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Poll: Should we setup a Minecraft Realm?
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Sure. That'd be fun.
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Nah. I don't play the game.
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If it were there I'd probably use it.
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Minecraft Realms
I've been wanting to get some kinda multiplayer Minecraft setup here at the site since we first got it up and running.

I know Minecraft has kinda seen its hayday already but I still think it'd be fun to setup something.

Now with Minecraft Realms we can do that without a huge initial investment of trying to get a server and all that.

This is a feeling out post to see who would be interested in playing around with some Minecraft if there were a group world, open 24/7, available to only the members of the site and forums?

It does cost but the montly fee is pretty small so it wouldn't be a big deal to get it up and running.

I won't do it if we don't get a few people interested in it and it won't happen till we get the hosting all situated for the next year, but it's possible it could be up and running by August if that's what folks would like.

Lemme know... thoughts?
Personally not interested, but I'm sure others might be.
[Image: ragnatzsignature.jpg]
Sure. Been awhile since I've done much with Minecraft though.


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