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Jade Rambles: Tiger LCD Games
That you made it as far as you did is impressive and deserves a round of applause and the respect of everyone in your county.
[Image: tn_400x300_2388_1259824887678_Tiger_Batman.jpg]

I just did the NES game, so let's have a look at the Tiger handheld version of Batman. As the Goddamned Batman, you move from left to right fighting off endless waves of Joker henchmen. However, as hard as I've tried I cannot make it far enough to talk about it as much as I'd like. This is the most pansy version of Batman I've ever seen as he dies in one hit from everything. His only method of attack is throwing Batarangs, and enemies can take at least a couple hits, with the Joker boss fight at the end of the first stage taking a couple dozen. The only power-ups I can see are bat emblems (which are again picked up by a separate button, rather than just running over them), which seem to fill a meter in the upper right which I think is a time limit. It's not a heath bar, since you die in one hit as previously mentioned, yet I noticed that it slowly empties to zero and that I died instantly when that happened. You have three lives; you might be able to get more by scoring enough points but I've never been able to get far enough to find out. I can only make it as far as stage 2 in this one. Overall, I'd say this is the least enjoyable game of the ones I've covered so far.

Is that the Val Kilmer Batman?
[Image: 10848583_10152953855407998_6704716869698...e=59801D2D]
No; like the NES game this one is based off the first movie starring Michael Keaton. Batman Forever is the one with Val Kilmer.

[Image: tigerdigimon1.JPG]

I haven't done one of these in awhile, so I thought I'd do a quick one, based on Digimon Zero Two. This one's about as simple as it gets. Controlling XV-mon, you use the arrow buttons to move back and forth to fight the various enemies that drop down to attack (RedVegiemon, Woodmon, Gekomon, and Mushroomon). Intercepting one gets you points. If one makes it all the way to the bottom, you lose a life, of which you have three. There's also a digivice that'll appear at random that gives bonus points. There's really not much else to say than that; you're just trying to beat your high score. This one has Daisuke and V-mon pictured, but I've seen others with the other main characters from Zero Two; they look to be pretty much the same thing though, presumably with different digimon.

Axle The Red-man, Wood-man, Sting Chamelon-man, Split Mushroom-man.

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