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Nomination: King's Quest
[Image: king-s-quest-quest-for-the-crown-pc-00a.jpg]

King's Quest 1: Quest for the Crown

The original PC adventure game, brought to us by Sierra, King's Quest would set the bar for many such games to come. In this game, you play as Sir Graham, on a mission to find three lost treasures of Daventry in hopes of restoring prosperity to the kingdom. You are left free to explore the game world at your leisure, and completing your quest relies on using wit and cunning to overcome the various obstacles in your path. The graphics and interface might seem very primitive by today's standards, but it was highly innovative when it came out in the early 80s. The game would later see a remake with improved graphics and a point & click interface instead of a text parser. This game would set the stage for not just many sequels by Sierra, but other series of adventure games by them including Space Quest and Leisure Suit Larry, as well as other companies such as LucasArts with Maniac Mansion and their Monkey Island series.


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