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Hosting update
So just an update for everyone, and this will go into the forums as well, BlueHost has been kinda dickin' me around on the price of our hosting and I'm none to pleased. I don't care that it went up, I care that it went up and they won't tell me why.

So I started looking around for some alternatives, just in case, and decided that at the very least pulling our domain might be a good idea.

I've used a placed called Registar in the past and they've been ok, but I ran into the exact same issue there that BlueHost was giving me. $12 sub total, you owe $12, a cost of $29.95 annually. No explanation, no reason. Just more than twice the price after the initial payment.

So I decided to ask about that. At the time, I've heard nothing yet.

Meanwhile, Scarlet called me and told me about another hosting service called Arvixe. I checked them out this morning and it looks pretty good. It's cheaper, we get essentially everything we've already got... but their servers are Linux based instead of windows based.

Now I'm 99.9% sure we'll be fine to make that switch, but I'd like to be 100% sure with stuff like this. I did some looking around online, checked out some forums, sent them a support ticket, and have reached out to Kewlio to see what he thinks... since he basically built the cms we're using for the videos. Everything, at this point in time, looks good... though I haven't heard from him yet.

If this ends up being a good option, we're going to take it. It's less for 2 years with these guys than it is 1 year with anyone else. Basically, we've got enough right now to cover that. Saves us money, we don't have to do the fund raising as much, plus we're going to get some ad credits with bing and google.

Anyway, that's where we're sitting with everything at the moment. When I know more, I'll be sure to let you guys know.
Ok Folks... after having a little talk with Ragnatz and Kewlio, our in house coding experts, it looks like what we've got here might be worth going after.

I am still waiting for a little more information from the host first before we make the move, but right now it looks like this is how we're going to proceed.

When it happens, I'll give you guys a little bit of a heads up, we'll turn off posting at the forums to keep anything from getting lose in the move, and once we're all set I'll enable them again so we can be back up and running. I'm hoping this will be a pretty quick, easy, and painless transfer and there won't be a lot of fixing up of things that needs to be done.

As always, I appreciate the patience and support you folks give us. Thank you.
Sounds good. I just hope the move goes well; and not as messy as some of our previous moves.


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