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PixelCat 1.4 ~ Biggelsworth
It's upgrade time fools!

What's New
Pages are now on HTML5! Sweet cuppin' cakes!
Comments use mybb code
Comments on videos can be moderated by Admin/Global Moderator
Users can mark posts as spam
Flood control system on comments
Online status no longer forum only
Alerts on video comments. No alerts for direct reply to comments, that's coming soon.
Game Index can be displayed as a list instead of grid. *requires cookies*
Game Index and search results can be filtered by developer, publisher, genre, platform, release year and Player
New LowBiasMonthly Page!
Game maintenance page now Java Script'd up'd!
Playlists marked as monthly now super up so on playlist page.
Voting on poll of week can now use Java Script'd!
Front page news post has character limit to save some space, yo!
News Summary shows on all Pixel Cat pages. Links now direct to forum instead of home page.
Link to MyAlerts added to user box
Stylesheet updates! Lookin' fine!
Normal ol' optimize and compliance... blah blah blah.

Bug Fixes
Fixed current time in News post on front page
Fixed navigation menu
Fixed forum header layer
Fixed stylized http error pages
Fixed comment system errors

To Be Done
Fix September 2016 Monthly
Monthly/Weekly Newsletter
Game Library
HTML5 Micro Code Wizardry!?
Just a little also aside...

In the database repair work we did lose a couple games on the site. We're going to add em back so if you see stuff show up that you think you've already watched, you probably have. They include... Mega Man 8, Monster In My Pocket, Nightmare MZX...

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