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General Site News - March 15, 2018
So there's been an awful lot of goings on around the site and I've done a pretty bad job of keeping everyone up to day... so here is an attempt to let ya'll know what's changed since last we spoke.

Readme files were never my strong point.

- Let's Play Section -
Adding links to game pages that direct to their soundtrack downloads in the forums.

- Forums -
When using header image as link, it directs to LP Section instead of forums.
Header image randomizes in forums as well as LP Section.
Redesign of forum CSS to better match LP Section.
Catching up on Electric Leftovers in Podcast section.
Getting proper Post Icons added to old posts. Mostly in Podcast/Soundtrack sections right now.
New Review section.
Moving soundtracks hosted off site.
Checking id3tags for all soundtrack files to make sure they are accurate and complete.

- Top Shelf -
Continuing to add games to Top Shelf.

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