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General Fixes & Such
Well... big day today. Busy day today... for starters...

Big thanks to Ragnatz for working so late and so hard to get the code figured out to get the site back up. We can now add stuff over there once again so be on the lookout for all the new episodes to be coming over as soon as they're available plus all the other episodes that weren't able to be added. Check with the individual LPers for more info there on what you may or may not have missed.

Next, Forums. We did an upgrade to the newest version of myBB. It was a small upgrade, nothing major changed but I like to keep up on that kinda stuff.

Along with that, all the smilies are working again, we've got some new avatars to pick from in you User CP. I've replaced that horrid yellow alert/highlight color with a much easier on the eyes green. Still enough to see what you've selected, but not so bright you can't read the font underneath.

Speaking on fonts... along with every upgrade to the forums, a few things always "break" here at the site because they're dependent on the default codes that come with mybb. One of them being the text color in the drop down menus. They default to white for whatever reason, but they have been fixed.

Also, upon an upgrade our editor box (where you type when you want to make a new post) ends up all out of whack size wise... that has also been fixed.

Next, as part of a tie-in with Meowskivichs Man-Grit challenges, I've got an award system setup for folks that participate in challenges. You'll see your awards on your User Page (click on your name, not the User CP), you'll also seem them in the little info section (or post-bit as it's called), when you post anything in the threads.

Finally, I've added to the Shoutbox a notification for when someone replies to a thread... not just creates one.

Whew... busy day eh?

Ever and more stuff is being worked on and fixed from the migration so if you find anything broken post it in the problems thread and we'll get to it asap.

Thank you for your time, now you go out there and play great.

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