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Small Change
Added some new Post Icons that better fit the theme of the site.

A couple other quick fixes/updates...

1 - Cleaned up the image resizer so they actually work now and don't have that annoying yellow bar that you can't read any of the font in. And...

2 - Fiddled with the text editor when creating/editing a post. Should be a little more user friendly to what we're doing what with videos and all.
Nooooo, Jaso, whie?! My beloved bug icon......... *sniff*

Now it's all perpendicular and white instead o' slanted an' green.
I need to check out my threads to see what the icons look like now.
dOn'T mInD mE! i'M jUsT cOnTaGiOuS!

Play Orbs CCG and earn me and you a free bunch o' cards: http://orbsccg.com/r/4r6x B)

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