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Pocky And Rocky
Action game for SNES | Developed and published by Natsume | Released in 1993

Set in a Far East-type of world, Pocky & Rocky is about a young miko girl called Pocky who, while tending to a shrine, is visited by Rocky, a member of a group of creatures known as the Nopino Goblins. Some time ago, the Nopino Goblin went insane, but were stopped and cured by Pocky. Rocky tells Pocky that the Nopino Goblins have gone insane yet again, and that she must help them. Suddenly, Pocky and Rocky are ambushed by the Nopino Goblins, which appear to be under a spell. Together, Pocky and Rocky must unravel the mystery of who is controlling the Nopino Goblins.