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Duke Nukum
Platformer game for DOS | Developed and published by 3D Realms | Released in 1991

The year is 1997. Doctor Proton and his army of Techbots have taken control of Earth's largest city. Once a respected genius and scientist, Dr. Proton (he changed his name from Blunderwitz early in his career) decided he could rule Earth with a new world order.

After a terrible radiation accident that altered his brain, Dr. Proton took to the underworld and developed an army of advanced robots -- called Techbots. The Techbots are extremely dangerous, and guard Dr. Proton's secret hideout. Every attempt by the military to overcome Dr. Proton ended in disaster. It seems Dr. Proton's plan to rule Earth is well underway...

Self-proclaimed hero Duke Nukum is Earth's final chance. Hired by the CIA, Duke has orders to stop Dr. Proton and rid the world of this latest madman. Armed only with his pistol and his can-do attitude, Duke is the one person who might stand a chance of success.


Co-Op With Jason