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Mega Man 07
Platformer game for SNES | Developed and published by Capcom | Released in 1995

"The world's pulse raced with excitement! Everyone truly believed the conniving Dr. Wily had been stopped for good and imprisoned by the valiant Mega Man. Reporters jockeyed with cameramen for snapshots as the infamous Doctor hung his head while being dragged away in handcuffs. Dr. Wily would soon be behind bars. Or would he?

Dr. Wily was ready for anything. He had known his dastardly plans would end in failure some day, so after six months without contact his laboratory sprung to life. Monitors whirred into action, lights flashed and the lab control panel booted up. In no time four hidden robots emerged. The robots then began a rampage in search of their master. Wily had done it again. Nothing would get in their way!

The world's racing pulse turned to nervous fear as a city was pummeled. Wasn't Dr. Wily in jail? Why was this still happening. The four robots took no heed to the great robot creator named Dr. Light. Mega Man found Dr. Light and the canine cyborg Rush fallen in the streets.

"Dr. Light? Are you O.K.?" Mega Man shouted.

"Mega Man! We have no time," replied Dr. Light. "Dr. Wily is using his robots to cover up his escape. You must go! Follow his spaceship!!!"

Mega Man, Dr. Light and Rush looked on in horror as Dr. Wily's spaceship shot out of the prison. Dr. Wily was on the loose!"