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Jade Cocoon: The Story of the Tamamayu
RPG game for PSX | Developed by Genki | Published by Crave Entertainment | Released in 1998

The people of Parel are being terrorized by horrible monsters, known as
Minions, from the Curse of Alcans. Though the villagers fought the Minions,
they could still coexist with the forest. But that was until the Onibubu, the
Locusts of Apocalypse, attacked the town without warning, plunging many of the
villagers into a deep and endless sleep.

Syrus once had a great hunter, known as a Cocoon Master, who could capture
Forest Minions and soothe their miserable hearts. But the Cocoon Master
disappeared several years ago, and his whereabouts are still unknown. But all
hope is not lost. The village has proclaimed young Levant the new Cocoon Master
and sent him into the Forest in a desperate attempt to save them.

During his difficult and lonely quest, Levant will learn much of the world
around him: the origin of the Curse of Alcana, the power of the Forest God,
Elrihm, the brilliance of his Divine Minions, the cursed legacy of the Nagi
people, and even the truth of his own fate. As he ventures into the depths of
the forest, Levant will face countless ordeals as he fights Minions. His holy
tasks are to restore nature's lost harmony, decide the fate of his world, and
learn to protect and care for the one he loves.


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