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The Legend Of Zelda: Hero Of Dreams
Adventure game for PC | Developed and published by Shoelace | Released in 2015

On a small island just outside of Hyrule lived a boy named Link. As he grew up, he knew he was destined to become the new Hero of Hyrule. The Robins who were neighbors of Link, told him that the bloodline of the Hero’s past through him. He knew that on any given day his adventure could begin.

One day Link was drawing a picture of a sword on the mountainside of the island. He looked down at his shield that he always kept with him, and thought how cool it would be to finally use it with a sword of his own. Just then his good friend Patty walked over to him. She looked a little sad, as she told him that she was going to leave the island soon in search for the Shooting Star Legend. In that moment, they both looked at the shoreline and noticed that the water was acting very violent. But they brushed it off. As Link finished the drawing, he signed his name on the bottom of the sword. Patty was still talking about that legend; however, Link couldn’t keep his eyes off the coastline, which was getting worse by the second.

Little did they know, the Dark Army had just docked south of the city of Fulton. The Commander of the Army stepped out to dock while discussing the plan to this staff, “Continue searching for the remaining Triforce pieces. We will capture Fulton and await you there!” As the Commander looked at the path to Fulton, he whispered to himself, “And now it begins.”