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Devil May Cry
Action game for PS2 | Developed and published by Capcom | Released in 2001

According to legend, 2,000 years ago while snow was falling on a clear, freezing night on Earth, a fierce devil prince was born deep in the darkest pit of the netherworld.

He grew rapidly. Within a short time he gained his full powers and took over the Devil Throne. His first act as ruler of all devils was to declare himself the emperor of the Devil Kingdom. His next feat was an invasion of the human world. His plan was to conquer it and rule over both the lower and upper realms.

But a powerful devil-knight known as Sparda took pity on humans for their brief, transient lives. In fierce battles he defeated all the Devil ruler's armies and finally imprisoned the emperor himself in a sealed vault.

Having achieved his victory, Sparda abandoned the Devil Kingdom to live in the human world. He married a human woman and soon fathered a half devil, half human son.

But beware, mankind. After 2,000 years, the cursed Devil Emperor will be released and will return to invade the human world again.

Sparda's son must be our protector!

- From Devil World History (age unknown)
housed in the Library of Forbidden Books