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Red Faction
First-person shooter game for WIN | Developed by Volition | Published by THQ | Released in 2001


Big scary hydraulic door with a 'press to open' button on the wall next to it giving you the willies? Not to worry! The giant overpowered rocket launcher provided in the open confines of most mining stations can safely dismantle the nearest wall and create a you-sized hole to climb through! Just ignore all the potentially flammable gas from the mines by the way. There are only a few thousand people down there – we don't care about them, and neither should you.

Suffer from memory loss and need to be regularly reminded of your social standing, and company position? No sweat! Every guard you come across will reinforce your non-existant self-worth, and are guaranteed to make you feel miserable and desire to spend the rest of your life in a dark hole – which is perfect because that's exactly what you're doing, isn't it!

Not terrified of the plague? Wonderful! Living conditions here are just terrible, and you can expect your fair share of disease and decay, just sign the dotted line and we'll book you a seat on the next shuttle to Mars!