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Jade Plays: Drakkhen (part 1)

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Yeah, something a little different I felt like doing. Y'know, Drakkhen is a lot like Lagoon in a lot of ways; it was a launch title for the SNES, ported by Kemco (although this was originally for the Amiga, I believe), it was very poorly received by most, and yet I still find a certain degree of charm to the game.

This doesn't play like your standard RPG (in fact, I think part of the reason for all of the negative reviews was that people saw "RPG" and expected it to be like Final Fantasy), instead it plays a lot more like a video game version of a tabletop RPG (in fact, D&D's own Gary Gygax helped write the storyline). Anyway, I found it an interesting title, as well as unique; I've never seen a game like it since. Anyway, hope you all enjoy!