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Breath of Fire

Jade Plays: Breath of Fire (trailer)

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It is time. Since I'm not up to going back to All-Stars just yet, and I've been wanting to do this LP for quite awhile anyway, especially since I started on its sequel last Spring.

Breath of Fire was originally released in 1993 by Capcom. But it was translated for its North American release by SquareSoft in 1994. Sadly I don't have a translation patch by Ryusui for this one like I did BoF2. However, Square's translation is still decent, and is much better overall than Capcom's solo attempt to translate a text-heavy RPG with BoF2.

Originally released for the SNES, it (like its sequel) was later rereleased for the GBA. Unlike the sequel, though, it has yet to get a Virtual Console release. C'mon Capcom; hop to!

The images are thanks to Dragon-Tear.net; http://www.dragon-tear.net