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Rockman Kenk

Jade Plays: Rockman Kenk (part 1)

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Taking a break from Luigi All-Stars to play a new rom hack of MM1. This game started out as Rockman Kai, a hack done by Smart Apple, the maker of Rockman 2 Beta and Rockman 3 Alpha; both of which I've also done playthroughs for. Apparently the project was abandoned, then later picked up by a fellow named Enk, who modified it into the version you see here. While it is more challenging than the original MM1, it was made with the intent of being played as though it were on the NES; that is, playable without the need for save-scumming.

So with that in mind, and the fact that I wanted to do something special on the eve of MM10's release, I will play this game without abusing save states (the only time I'll use save states is in between stages). In addition, I am playing this blind, with the exception of Iceman's stage, and part of Fireman's stage, which I played a little bit before I started recording. As a result, those are the stages I'll be doing first.

You can download the hack here: http://www.romhacking.net/hacks/449/