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Jade Plays: Skullgirls (part 1)

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I've done a few test videos messing around; I've been wanting to LP this game ever since it came out on Steam. Skullgirls is an indie fighting game made by Lab Zero (originally Autumn Games), headed by fighting game enthusiast Mike Zaimont, a great cast of characters designed by Alex Ahad (previously known for doing work on Scott Pilgrim), excellent voice acting directed by Cristina Valenzuela (who also plays the voice of Cerebella), and a kickass soundtrack composed by Michiru Yamane (best known for her work in the Castlevania games, including the very highly-regarded Symphony of the Night). A vanilla version of the game was released on the PS3 and X-Box 360 back in 2012, but their planned updates languished in development hell for over a year thanks to a series of unfortunate events. The game was initially published by Konami, but after they and Autumn Games were hit with a copyright infringement lawsuit involving their Def Jam games, Konami severed their ties with Autumn, and the development team's original studio, Reverge Labs, laid them off. Last year, the newly-formed Lab Zero held an IndieGogo campaign to raise money to continue development for their planned updates, which included the release of a PC version and new characters. They asked for $150,000; they got just under $830,000!!! Konami has since delisted the game from PSN and XBL starting at the beginning of this year, but Lab Zero is re-publishing the game under the title Skullgirls Encore (hence the title screen you see here).
But enough of hearing me ramble about the history of the game and its development. Enjoy my LP of one of the best fighting games of this generation!