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Wario Land 4

Bonus Video! - Wario Land 4 - The Judge's Feet

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I (in some cases, eventually) managed to defeat all the bosses in a timely manner without using any of the items from the Item Shop. However, that means I haven't shown any of them off! In fact, four of them have weaknesses which make their respective battles trivially easy. Let's have a look at them, shall we?
0:00 - Apple Bomb
0:28 - Blast Cannon
0:57 - Vizorman
1:30 - Bugle
2:09 - Black Dragon (Cractus' weakness)
2:48 - Big Fist (Cuckoo Condor's weakness)
3:26 - Large Lips (Aerodent's weakness)
4:08 - Black Dog (Catbat's weakness)