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Adventure game for DOS | Developed and published by Sierra OnLine | Released in 1995

It seemed like a dream come true for Adrienne Delaney and Don Gordon. A beautiful estate, on its own private island. The perfect place to build a life together. But an ominous presence lurks within the halls, the rooms, and every passageway of this mysterious home. The previous owner, a 19th-century master illusionist, left behind a twisted trail of terror. Very quickly, the blissful life Adrienne and Don hoped for begins to unravel into a macabre nightmare. With your help, Adrienne must uncover the clues and gather the objects she needs in a desperate attempt to save her husband from an insidious evil that holds him in its ever-tightening grip. Discover the mansion's hidden rooms, explore the island, and try to find the mystery man who holds the secret to the past. Phantasmagoria provides heart-thumping terror at every turn. You'll experience this nightmare as if it were your very own.

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