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Game list

N64 Nintendo 64
Pilotwings 64 Nintendo Simulation 1996
Quest 64 THQ RPG 1998
Resident Evil 2 Capcom Action/Adventure 1999
Rumble Pak Nintendo Add On 1997
South Park Acclaim First-Person Shooter 1998
South Park Rally Acclaim Racing 2000
South Park Rally Acclaim Racing 2000
Star Fox 64 Nintendo Action 1997
Star Wars: Rogue Squadron LucasArts Action 1998
Super Mario 64 Nintendo Action 1996
Turok: Dinosaur Hunter Acclaim First-Person Shooter 1997
Turok: Rage Wars Acclaim First-Person Shooter 1999
War Gods Midway Fighting 1997
War Gods Midway Fighting 1997
Wave Race 64 Nintendo Racing 1996
WCW/nWo Revenge THQ Sports 1998
NES Nintendo Entertainment System/Famicom
10-Yard FIght Nintendo Sports 1985
A Boy And His Blob: Trouble On Blobolonia Absolute Entertainment Action 1990
Abadox: The Deadly Inner War Natsume Action 1990
Adventure Island Hudson Action 1988
Adventure Island II Hudson Action 1991
Adventure Island III Hudson Action 1992
Adventure Island IV Hudson Soft Adventure 1994
Adventures Of Bayou Billy, The Konami Action 1989
Adventures Of Bayou Billy, The Konami Beat Em Up 1989
Amagon Sammy Action 1989
Anticipation Nintendo Board & Card 1988
Arkista's Ring American Sammy Action 1990
Astyanax Jaleco Entertainment Action 1990
Baseball Nintendo Sports 1985