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Game list

NES Nintendo Entertainment System/Famicom
Bases Loaded Jaleco Entertainment Sports 1988
Batman SunSoft Platformer 1990
Bio Miracle Baby Upa Konami Action 1993
Blaster Master SunSoft Action 1988
Captain Silver Tokuma Shoten Action 1988
Captain Skyhawk Milton Bradley Shooter 1990
Castlevania Konami Action 1987
Castlevania II: Simon's Quest Konami Action 1988
Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse Konami Action 1990
Chip N Dale: Rescue Rangers Capcom Action 1990
Commando Capcom Action 1986
Contra Konami Action 1988
Contra Force Konami Action 1992
Crystalis SNK Action RPG 1990
Darkwing Duck Capcom Platformer 1992
Deadly Towers Broderbund Action/Adventure 1987
Disney's DuckTales Capcom Action 1989
Double Dragon 2: The Revenge Acclaim Fighting 1989
Double Dragon III: The Sacred Stones Acclaim Action 1991
Dragon Spirit: The New Legend Bandai Shooter 1990
Dragon Warrior Nintendo RPG 1989
Dragon Warrior II: Gods Of The Evil Spirits Enix America RPG 1990
Dragon Warrior III: And Thus Into Legend... Enix America RPG 1992
Dragon Warrior IV: Chapters Of The Chosen Enix America RPG 1992
Earthbound Zero/Earthbound Beginnings/Mother Nintendo RPG 1989
Excitebike Nintendo Racing 1985
Felix The Cat Hudson Action 1992
Fester's Quest SunSoft Action/Adventure 1989
Fester's Quest SunSoft Action/Adventure 1989
Final Fantasy Nintendo RPG 1990