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Leisure Suit Larry: Love for Sail

LowBiasMonthly June 2016 - Leisure Suit Larry 7 - 1 - The Fall of Shamarry

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Because Larry Laffer can never get a break, he fights through flash fires and genital papercuts to find himself on a cruise of a lifetime. (At least, that's what the ad claimed...)

"Please Come In, Love" by HMW
"dark-tune" by jetset!
"absolute-muzak-ii" by hobbes of divine
"Guitarous" by The WARLOCK / Grace S
"Clip-Tunes 1" by Simon Woodington of Trideja
"polarchase" (no author listed)
"Dead lock" by Elwood
"Attack!" by Dan Nicholson
"1994" by u4ia