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Leisure Suit Larry: Love for Sail

LowBiasMonthly June 2016 - Leisure Suit Larry 7 - 2 - Bountiful Bookend

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It's the thrilling tale of a man perusing the many thrilling tales of a library, "Leisure Suit Larry Thumbs Between the Covers!"

"Discordant Beckons" by Simon Woodington of Trideja
"altar_of_light" by reverb
"heaven" by turbosector of interamnia
"p-mania2 title tune" by simon bostock
CS_DITZ.MOD by Greg Janson
"Chippieh" by alpha of axl
"Clip Tune 7" by Simon Woodington of Trideja
"Mod.Hangar18" by Chase Dahl (cover of Hangar 18 by Megadeth)
"Techno Seduction" by MoDan of the KLF
"Hallucinations" (no author listed)
"THE VOICES SPEAK" by Adam Schepis
"iron flowers" (no author listed)
"frantic" (no author listed)
CS_SPOOK.MOD by Greg Janson